it’s all their fault


Son #1 and the Funny Grandson at the Spokane airport

Yes, it is all their fault that I haven’t had time to write any blog posts for the past couple of weeks.  I’ve barely touched my computer and have basically used my phone to take pictures.  We’re in the woods now and the internet is sloooooooooow,

They arrived at 4 PM.  Their plane was early, which was a good thing for me, because I was so excited about their arrival that I got to the airport an hour early.

Yes, an hour early.  Pathetic, I know, but I had left the lake at 10:30, stopped for gas, hit Kohl’s and the Bear Paw quilting fabric store, wolfed down a sandwich at Jimmy John’s and found myself at the airport at 3:00.

I was ready to party.

We collected the bags and made the short drive to the Hilton Garden Inn, where we would wait for Banjo Man’s plane and spend the night.  The Funny Grandson said he’d never spent a lot of time at a hotel before and was thrilled with the adjoining rooms and the indoor pool.


I remembered to bring the life jacket.

We ate pizza from Pizza Hut and partied at the pool for several hours before FG collapsed into his “very comfy” bed.


While Son #1 and FG were snoring in their beds, I met Banjo Man’s midnight plane and chauffeured him to the Hilton, where our own comfy bed awaited.

The next morning we hit McDonalds for a quick breakfast before heading to the lake.

I thought this sign was hilarious.  You will make other parents upset.

And this one made sense.

We drove without stopping to the lake, mostly because the little guy in the back seat kept jabbering about how he couldn’t wait to jump in the lake.


I have been at his beck and call ever since, with long hours on the beach, making blueberry pancakes for breakfast and hamburgers for dinner.   We’ve been making ice cream and blueberry jam.  And we’ve played hours of a wildlife memory game (I always lose, no surprise there).

He insists on going down to the dock at 8:30 every night to watch the sunset (sometimes only his father has the energy to take him) and has spent countless hours trying to skip rocks.

Life has been busy, in the very best way.  I’ll try to do better in the future!





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1 Response to it’s all their fault

  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    So glad you’re spending time together in a heavenly place. Enjoy every minute.

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