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It’s huckleberry-picking season here in the mountains.  If you want to pick huckleberries you’d better be prepared for long mountain rides, hikes through the woods and the possibility of encountering a bear or, even worse, other berry pickers.

I think a gallon of these is going for $40.  But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was more than that.

I found this link:

Pretty amazing.

Dancing Mandolin Player’s Boyfriend Bob has spent many, many hours picking huckleberries.  The guy knows what he’s doing!   I asked him for a cup of berries that I could freeze for next summer’s visit by the Funny Grandson.  We will make huckleberry ice cream in the Cuisinart.

The ice cream-making this summer was so much fun.  Remember I borrowed DMP’s Cuisinart?  The grandson and I made ice cream every other night.  Our success inspired My French Friend Janou to dig out a similar appliance she’d bought at a thrift shop and never used.  The result?  Ice cream!  DMP’s future daughter-in-law triumphed with sorbet recipes.  Mandolin Ann liked my homemade vanilla ice cream so much that she successfully created peach buttermilk sorbet.


Yes, my ice cream maker is pink.

The pink ones were $4.00 cheaper on Amazon.  I am not a huge fan of pink, but I am frugal.

Unless I am buying fabric.  Then I don’t know what “frugal” means.


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