eclipse on the lake


Taken with cell phone filtered through eclipse glasses.

Everyone will have their own eclipse story, I’m sure.  Where were you?  How much did you see?

The lake house faces north and the morning sun shines over its right shoulder, blocked for the most part by the tall trees that the eagles and ospreys call home.  Son #2 asked where I was going to watch the eclipse and I didn’t have an answer.  Maybe…on the dock?  Or should I drive to the other side of the bay and sit in a parking lot?

Yesterday Dancing Mandolin Player had asked if I wanted to go up to Schweitzer with them this morning.  It’s a huge ski area and the resort was holding a big party.  The plan would be to take the ski lift to the top of the mountain and party with hundreds of local folks.

I’ve never been on a ski lift.  I’m happy to go through life never having done it.

I politely declined.  Then last night DMP told me she and Bob had changed their minds, deciding there would be too much traffic on the mountain road leading to the resort.

So this morning I called them, planning to ask if I could come over to their house and watch the eclipse with an unrestricted view of the sun.  Not that I was going to look directly at it, but it would be interesting to see if the sky darkened dramatically.

Turns out they were going out on the boat to watch it.  Did I want to join them?

Hell, yes!


We parked out here.  You can see that it was a beautiful morning.



Bob couldn’t resist putting a line in the water.

We shared the eclipse glasses, which worked beautifully.



Your turn!



A very relaxing Eclipse of the Century.

We noticed a bit of darkening around us, but nothing dramatic.  But through the glasses we were able to watch the whole thing.  Such a beautiful morning!





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2 Responses to eclipse on the lake

  1. Ellie says:

    What an awesome day to take in a partial solar eclipse on the lake. We all need to meet in Austin 2024 to share a partial eclipse!! We are always ready to have a reason to party and listen to music, or not!!

  2. Let’s put it on the calendar!!

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