corn pig

My good friend Bass Man (aka Boom Boom) Neil of band fame bought me these.  They are the cutest things I’ve seen all summer and they work!



Check it out:


My dinner one night last week. Go ahead, be as jealous as you want.

I ate sweet corn for dinner three nights in a row.  Yep, only sweet corn.  Nothing else, because why bother?  This is the best and it only comes around once a year.  Make hay while the corn’s ripe (or something like that).

Where did I get such beautiful corn,  you ask?

Take a wild guess.



Dancing Mandolin Player is always happy when she is in her garden.

And who else is in there?



Bob, is that you?  Are you avoiding me or only trying to find perfect ears of ripe corn?

Corn and peaches make an excellent diet.  Trust me, I know.






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