catching up here in austin

It is raining lightly this morning, something folks in Austin never seem to mind.  No flash flooding, no tropical storms or wind.  Just a calm little rainy morning, overcast and gray.

I am going to fill the crock pot with the ingredients for an Italian meat sauce and have a family dinner before the Nebraska football game tonight.  Will and I went grocery shopping last night, after we visited Torchy’s for tacos.



Will’s dinner.

I of course had the Fried Avocado Taco’s.  Because they were there and I was there and everything was right with the world.


At the grocery store I bought food for several crock pot dinners and this beautiful bottle of wine.

IMG_0069It reminded me of the Driftwood Goddess Painting Event given by Linda, our resident accordion player and awe-inspiring artist at the lake.  I wish I could send her a bottle.

Banjo Man’s suitcase is still missing.  They found a bag that wasn’t his, thought it was his, and then delivered it to the wrong person in RI.  His bag has his name on it in four different places and also inside.  We do not understand the confusion.

I really, really hope Banjo Man calls this morning to tell me all is well.

In the  meantime, I’ll be cooking.  Because that is what I do on rainy mornings, especially when looking forward to feeding my sons.  Italian meat sauce, spaghetti, salad, garlic bread and pumpkin-shaped sugar cookies (from the bakery section of HEB) for dessert.  A feast!

One of these days I’ll come up with an official recipe for the sauce, but I fear it’s embarrassingly simple.

Time to head to the kitchen…






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