barn owl



This stunning picture is from, by Donald Quintana.


This is what I saw flying towards the house as I stared out my office window yesterday morning.  Isn’t he gorgeous?

He flew low, above the driveway and right over the roof of the house.

I searched through owl pictures online until I found him.  In almost thirty years of living here I’d never seen one before.  We have Great Horned owls in our woods and I often hear them (much more often than I see one), but a barn owl?

He is my new favorite bird.

I’ll be watching for him from now on.

In the meantime, it is a windy and rainy Sunday morning.   Banjo Man won’t be raking leaves today.  Instead we’ll be getting ready for Thanksgiving.  I’ll make and freeze the spinach casserole and we’ll peel potatoes and make the huge whipped potato casseroles while watching the Patriots play this afternoon.

We’ll also put the leaf in the dining room table and organize the seating.  We’re not having Thanksgiving at Mom’s this year and will instead have it here.  Last year we moved tables, chairs, dishes, food, turkeys, glasses, silverware and tablecloths to my mother’s house.   My house isn’t as big–meaning I’ll have to get very creative when it comes to seating everyone–but I do have a dishwasher!

And a barn owl.



Beautiful photo from:  Just unbelievably gorgeous.






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2 Responses to barn owl

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Spent all day yesterday making the sweet potato purée. Enough for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Phyllis said she made hers the day before. Years ago I bought a Cuisinart just for that recipe. The one for Christmas will go into my suitcase, frozen solid, securely wrapped and arrive frozen solid in Calif. Always a hit.
    Wish you well with the crowd. The most we had in Elkhorn was 64. Never less than 34. Great memories. Always started my Christmas cards after everyone left. Too quiet and empty otherwise.
    Joy and enjoy.

  2. Have a lovely Thanksgiving! We will be thinking of all of you together. Such fun!

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