day 1, new Orleans, 2017



Katie’s restaurant in the Treme neighborhood.

Banjo Man researched lots of restaurants before our trip.  And the number one on his list was “Katie’s”, a short cab ride from the hotel to the Treme section of town.


(You remember “Treme”, right?  From our November tv-binging of all six seasons?)

I kept thinking we would run into one of our television “friends” around every corner.  I miss them.  


This is some kind of giant loaf of French bread stuffed with shredded BBQ shrimp.  And yes, he ate the whole thing.

Here’s the appetizer that was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives:


It’s a large beignet stuffed with…something.  The sauce was delicious and the whole thing was totally decadent.  Thank God we shared it between the four of us.

The waiter told us the flooding from Katrina had reached 7′ high on the walls of the restaurant.



When in doubt, order a shrimp po’boy.

After a very yummy meal, we headed back to our hotel and walked across Bourbon Street to Fritzel’s, a traditional jazz club.  It’s a small place with great live music, but it has always seemed a little strange, due to the German (World War II) era decorations filling the walls.

A bit creepy.

But that has changed (rumor: new ownership) and those questionable artifacts have disappeared, thank goodness.


We waited a while before finding room to squeeze together on a bench and then listened to a set from the Frizel’s All Star Band, who were of course terrific.

By that time, my 2:30 AM wake-up had caught up with us, so it was time to cross the street and return to the hotel and our comfy elegant little room.

We were off to a good start.

Looking for more info?  Check out:



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