the golden tickets

spring game

Memorial Stadium, Lincoln, Nebraska.

This morning at 11:00 ET the tickets for the Nebraska Spring Game go on sale for the common folk, i.e. the football fans who don’t own season tickets.

Ever since Scott Frost was announced as the new head coach, my guys have been over-the-moon excited.  After 20 years of increasingly spiraling failure, the beloved Huskers were on their way back to glory.

After all, Scott Frost is arguably the best coach in college football.  He’s racked up a bunch of awards that say so.

Scott Frost was the quarterback who led the Huskers to a shared National Championship in the glory days.  So he is returning to Nebraska and all is right with the world.  Nebraska is in Full Celebration Mode and the Spring Game–basically a scrimmage with lots of fun fan events– is going to be the party of the decade.

So, because I love a party, I organized plane tickets, hotel rooms and rental cars for Banjo Man and our two sons.  Uncle George was “in”.  Banjo Man kept insisting that I go, too, so I did a little finagling (conflict with a huge quilt show in New Hampshire) and got a ticket for myself on Friday morning, the day before the “game”.

Then Nebraska changed the date of the game by a week.

I redid all the tickets, hotel rooms, rental cars.  I contacted the rest of Banjo Man’s family to see who wanted to go to the game.  We would celebrate with an informal family gathering on  Saturday night.

We would party.


Because yesterday, as of 5 PM, the season ticket holders purchased close to 60,000 tickets for the game.  The limit was 20, so I’m sure a lot of people took advantage of that.  Including many who intend to resell the tickets and make a few bucks.  After all, tickets are only $10 each.

I don’t know what happened to sales overnight.  Truthfully?  I’m afraid to go to the website, afraid I’ll see the dreaded words “sold out”.   The stadium holds 90,000 but there was a question of whether all parts of it would be open.  Plus the season ticket holders had all night long to keep shopping.

I didn’t sleep much last night, because I was worrying about it so much.  So this morning I am not going to the dump with all the stuff I cleaned out of my closets.  I am not going to Walmart for groceries.  I am not taking a carload of stuff to charity.  I am not leaving the house until after 11, when I will be on the computer and on the phone hoping to connect and snare 13 tickets to a PRACTICE GAME.

This is my mission.

Wish me luck.


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