big little lies and other shows

big little lies

It was a good book and it’s a really good miniseries on HBO (or if you’re lucky, available to rent at your local library).

Banjo Man and I could not have enjoyed it more.  I especially loved the various husbands (except one, who was a nasty piece of work) and their dialogue.   Whoever wrote their dialogue understood men.

Reese Witherspoon’s character was a riot–we all need a loyal, outspoken, feisty friend, don’t we?  And Nicole Kidman’s character will break your heart.

Banjo Man wants you to know “it’s not for the faint of heart” (he just entered my office to discuss grocery shopping), especially the language.   We liked it so much we watched the last four episodes (out of 7) all in one evening.  We just couldn’t stop!

One of the tips you hear as an aspiring writer is to give each character a secret.  It’s a simple technique, from the little things to the big–the heroine has a secret crush on her sister’s boyfriend, the so-called hero is really a murderer, the kind neighbor is hiding her Alzheimer’s diagnosis, Superman is allergic to Kryptonite.   Moriarty is good at this and has taken it to a new level in her recent books.

Have you read Liane Moriarty’s book THE HUSBAND’S SECRET?  Or what about WHAT ALICE FORGOT (a personal favorite)?  Check them out next time you’re on Amazon or at the library or bookstore.   Let me know what you think if you’ve read these!

Here’s one to skip:


10 part miniseries on Amazon Prime

This was dreadful.  We made it through an hour.  It’s about an FBI investigator who was taken by a serial killer and disappeared for 6 years before returning.  Maybe the rest of the episodes improved the plot but we didn’t stick around to find out.

Instead we watched this on Amazon:

words and pictures

From IMDB:  A flamboyant English teacher (Clive Owen) and a new, stoic art teacher (Juliette Binoche) collide at an upscale prep school. A high-spirited courtship begins and she finds herself enjoying the battle. Another battle they begin has the students trying to prove which is more powerful, the word or the picture. But the true war is against their own demons, as two troubled souls struggle for connection.

It was entertaining enough, with a hero so flawed he made us wince time and time again.  But it was a decent movie and I’d give it a B-.  After all, we didn’t drive to town, pay $11 a ticket and sit in a frigid movie theater to see it.

If you’ve discovered a good mini series or movie, let me know!  We’ll be watching the Olympics off and on, but are always looking for something to entertain us on these cold winter nights!



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2 Responses to big little lies and other shows

  1. Ruth says:

    I’ve read The Husband’s Secret – a GREAT read! Re: TV – have you watched The Alienist? Very intriguing mystery series set in late 1800’s New York.

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