springtime in nebraska


Spring game, Lincoln, Nebraska.  April 21, 2018.

Banjo Man and George were waiting for the game to begin.  Yes, it was raining a little.  Yes, we were prepared.  Banjo Man had purchased red ponchos and red seat cushions and extra gloves.  He brought extra wool scarves in his suitcase for those in need.

I think the eight of us were pretty warm, despite the cold and the damp and the breeze.

We took a shuttle bus to the stadium.  And we arrived fifteen minutes before the stadium doors opened.  Since my in-laws and husband (as much as I love them) are never early for anything, this truly was a momentous occasion.

And the source of some humor between my brother in law and myself.

I will post more pictures later, when I get them from the others, but I couldn’t resist sending at least one tonight, before I head over to the Cousins Pizza Party.

I even had a cake made, but I have tried six times to send the picture to post here and it just won’t work.

Maybe tomorrow!



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1 Response to springtime in nebraska

  1. Tom F says:

    You guys were really ready. Of course I would have expected nothing less from Glen. Nice looking cake!

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