sunset in chicago


This was taken on arriving in Chicago.

Banjo Man and I are home and I’ll be posting pictures from Lincoln tomorrow or the next day, after we recover from crawling into bed at 3:30 this morning.

I think we might be too old for night flights.

Banjo Man, Will and I had flights leaving Omaha around 6 PM Monday night.  I breezed through the security checkpoint, thinking my husband was right behind me.

He wasn’t.  Despite our TSA PRE speed passes, Banjo Man had been told to get out of line.  He was frantically searching the pockets of his cargo pants.  I was stuck where I was as my bags disappeared into the screening tunnel.

He was still having trouble when I emerged on the other side (after have been randomly selected to have my palms wiped for traces of explosives).

Banjo Man joined me eventually, but he didn’t want to tell me what had happened.  Reluctantly he admitted he’d given the security guard the wrong boarding pass.  AND he had given her his credit card instead of his driver’s license.

I worry about him when he’s not with me.

We had two-hour layovers in our respective connecting cities.  Banjo Man and I were in Chicago eating burgers.  Will texted that he was in Dallas eating a chicken-fried buffalo steak.

After arriving in Providence, we waited for our one bag.  It was the last one on the conveyor belt.  Then we took an elevator up to the sky way and began the Bataan Death March in hopes our car would be waiting on the other end.

I will tell you my parking lot saga another time.  It was an adventure and believe me, no one needs an adventure at 3:45 AM while trying to catch a plane.



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