making the huskers great again


The view from our seats at the Spring Game.

See all that red?  88,800+ Husker fans were at the stadium to welcome the new coach back to town.  I think it broke an attendance record.

We were ready.


Glamour is my middle name.

It was cold.  It was spitting rain.  It was even a bit windy.  Did we care?

We did not.

We ate runzas for breakfast.


We put on our ponchos.


We watched the happy crowd enter the stadium.


Will is watching his father rearrange his poncho for the 183rd time.

I’d intended to buy a corn cob hat and make every member of the family wear it while I took pictures, but the price tag brought me to my senses.


The last time I was in Memorial Stadium watching football was in the early 1970’s, when Nebraska played Hawaii.  It was a fun afternoon with much good-natured cheering for the Hawaii team and a sea of red-clad fans looking content with life.

But I don’t think I’ve ever been in the midst of 88,000 people before this Spring Game.  So many families, elderly people, couples…all having fun and feeling optimistic about Nebraska football again.

We’ve had a rough 15+ years in Husker world.  And now things are looking up, thanks to the arrival of Scott Frost and his amazing coaching staff.

Saturday night’s pizza party with cousins (whose ages ranged from 12 to 90) was a great success, with much conversation and laughter.  Valentino’s pizza is always a hit as was the special cake.  Banjo Man’s sisters brought lots of great food to add to the party and we kept the red-and-white theme going.


Happy cousins.

We all met for breakfast at the Village Inn the next morning before one last visit until people began to head home.


Do they look like they’ve had a great weekend or what?!?

From start to finish, a lovely family reunion.

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1 Response to making the huskers great again

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    So wonderful! Go Cornhuskers!

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