catching up on a sunny may morning


The sky is blue and the temperature is–gasp–62.  Hard to believe, but true.

So…I’m recovering from this latest bout with bronchitis.  The doctor suggested it was the same infection I’ve had all winter that just keeps returning.  My mega-antibiotics are sure to kill it off once and for all, but I admit the process is a slow one.  I am doing nothing but watching tv and reading, as any attempt to walk around the house makes me dizzy.

Banjo Man is frowning and hovering.  My inactivity scares him.

He made tacos Monday night and we ate them as if we’d never had tacos before.  That lifted our spirits, as only hot sauce and sour cream can do.

We watched a truly dreadful movie Monday night, called THE DAUGHTER.   Skip it and save yourself a wasted 94 minutes.  I think the writer got himself so tangled up in the plot that he couldn’t figure out how to end the damn thing.  Whoever Simon Stone is, he ought to be ashamed of himself for writing this mess.

the daughter

I’m also watching Season 4 of SHETLAND, a series I love.  Unfortunately Amazon Britbox is releasing the six episodes one week at a time.  For those of us used to to binge-watching our favorite shows, this is a real pain in the you-know-what.

shetland 4

I love SHETLAND.  And this actor.

We also watched a sweet film called ALL SAINTS, based on a true story of a church trying to save itself from being sold and disbanded.

all saints

I’ve liked John Corbett since his days on Northern Exposure and I like stories based on true events.  I love the endings where they show the real people and tell what happened to them.

Here’s another one:

lion movie

The actor who played the young boy is the cutest little kid I’ve ever seen in my life.  It’s a long movie–I fell asleep 2/3 of the way into it and had to finish it another night–but once again the story is a true one and at the end of the movie the real people are shown.

This one was entertaining.   While the plot (son has to reconcile with dying father on a road trip) is a standard one, the acting and the characters were excellent.


We watched one episode of THE WHITE PRINCESS.  It held our attention but we haven’t had any burning desire to go back and watch another episode.  It takes place after the War of the Roses and the royal families (past and present) are dealing with the new murdering regime.  No one is happy, except maybe the mother-in-law from hell.

the white princess

I think she is going to give birth to Henry VIII.

Now we’re watching the Netflix mini-series COLLATERAL.   It’s set in present-day London and so far we’re getting an idea of the chaos of the refugee and immigrant situation there.  It begins with the murder of a pizza-delivery man and has about twenty characters to keep track of.  I’m not sure how long Banjo Man will stay interested.  I’ll stick it out to the end, though.


So that’s what’s happening here, as I rest on the couch and wonder how much longer it will take to bounce up and start cleaning a closet, storing winter clothes, unearthing the summer sandals and organizing my return to the lake for the summer.

I hope that happens soon!

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2 Responses to catching up on a sunny may morning

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Yikes! I think I’m in love with Development Patel. He is gorgeous ladies!

  2. Ruth Gobeille says:

    So…that Is what auto-correct thinks Dev Patel’s name is. LOL!

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