heat wave

It was 102 here in my little town yesterday afternoon.

I didn’t know it.  I was on the dock reading.  I’ve discovered a new author, Maddie Dawson, who writes unlikely romances with lots of wonderfully quirky characters.  I’m keeping things light this month as my brain can’t do anything but relax.

Banjo Man joined me on the dock around 4 PM.  He was carrying life jackets and wanted to go kayaking.

“It’s really hot,” he said, sounding surprised.

I realized it was.  I’d finished my book and could now pay attention to the weather.  I checked the weather app on my phone.  102.  Is that some kind of record?????

We went kayaking, heading around the Point to the shaded shore of the  Forest Service.  Heaven.  We paddled around and pretended we were exercising (we were not) before heading back home to swim for a little while.

By 8:00 we were heating up chicken leftovers and sipping wine.  With the AC on!!!!

The forecast is for temps of 104 today, with a storm tonight predicted to break the heat wave.  We’re a bit worried about a storm of lightning and wind.  We would love some rain!

I’m heading to town for lunch with an old friend today.  I will wear my coolest sundress and bring a hat, just in case we eat outside somewhere (but eating outside is not my plan).  Later on I suspect Banjo Man and I will be back in the kayaks, enjoying the water and the shade on the hottest day of the year.


Banjo Man takes a break from practicing chords on his new banjo.




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