odds and ends on a quiet day


Laid out on the dining room table.

The baby quilt project is still coming along.  It’s a sweet quilt and I hope it will be loved and used.


“Ruth’s” is a shop deep in the heart of Cranston that has been in business since 1954.  They do everything transaction by paper, with no computers.  It’s quite a process, especially since a huge part of their business deals with women who have had breast surgery and cancer.  A number of very lovely and kind women work here, but I’ve learned to allow extra time for filling out the insurance forms for every purchase.  If they don’t carry what you want, they’ll order it.


These charging stations are everywhere at the hospital and surrounding medical buildings.  It looks like a great idea, but I’ve never seen anyone using them.

Starting tomorrow, things get busy around here until September.  Radiation is daily and I’ll be glad to start, because the sooner it starts the sooner it’s over.

I’ve convinced Banjo Man that I will be well enough by mid-September for him to leave me for a few days and attend his 60th high school reunion in Nebraska.  After that son Will arrives for a week.  Lots to look forward to.

October will be here before we know it and it will be time to unpack the velvet pumpkins and celebrate the fall, my favorite time of year.

Yes, I know it’s only July, but a girl can dream!



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