a mayflower kind of day


Will and Banjo Man with the recently restored Mayflower II behind them.

It was a beautiful day for some seafaring history at the Mystic Seaport Museum.  We hadn’t visited for almost fifty years and Will hadn’t toured the village or the Captain Morgan (last surviving wooden whaling ship) since a fourth grade field trip.

it was good to have Will home for a few days.  We spent a morning at the Patriots Hall of Fame, scarfed down chowder and clam cakes in Galilee while the rain poured down, installed the corner wall mount for the new television and sorted through storage bins.  The days went by too quickly.




Where they made the barrels for the whale oil.  My 8x  grandfather was a cooper in Bermuda in the 1700’s.

The guys toured a lot of buildings.  I rested on a lot of benches!

We finished the day with a 90-minute ride in the Mystic estuary on a steam-powered boat.

IMG_3546I saw a yacht you can rent for $70,000 a week.  It sleeps 7 so gather your friends together for a “Below Deck” experience.

IMG_3544Or not.

Banjo Man can’t wait to return.  We’ll be touring the upcoming Turner exhibit there with Barbara and Rod in a few weeks.

I’m working on my stamina so I can keep up.  One baby step at a time!



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1 Response to a mayflower kind of day

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Good!!! I want the devil to say,”Oh – – – -. She’s up”.

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