heading east and home again

IMG_3582 (Edited)

Flying into the sunrise.

I left Austin yesterday morning (Tuesday) at 6 AM.  The plane was dark and quiet, which gave passengers a few more minutes to snooze after early morning trips to the airport.

I think the above photo would make an interesting quilt.  I’m tempted to try.

And then a while later…


I wonder what all that water is down there.

And lastly…

IMG_3585 (Edited)

Here comes the sun.

Will and I flew to Austin last Monday night.  A few delays in Baltimore meant we arrived at the condo after 1 AM.  Thank God I slept on the plane or I would have been delirious.  Will jogged down to the cafe and returned with chicken quesadillas for our bedtime snack and then we fell into our prospective beds.

It was 97 in Austin the next day.  And the day after that.  And the day after that, etc.  I stayed in the condo and read and sewed and watched tv while Will was at work.  It was lovely.

Ben, Amber and the Funny Grandson arrived for dinner Wednesday night.  We went out, of course, which was great fun.  I’m always grateful to be together in Austin again.  My little family is a cheerful bunch.

Friday was the FG’s Early Birthday Party.  He would spend the weekend and not return home until Sunday night, so this Party Grandma was ecstatic to have him around for such a long visit.  We walked to the cafe every morning for pancakes and bacon and plenty of conversation.  We watched football, including the pregame shows.  We read in bed at night, even though I always fell asleep before he did.  We played lots and lots of UNO and even treated ourselves to root beer floats before the Nebraska game.

He didn’t want to go home.


Lego cars make him happy.

I even threw a couple of roasts into the crock pot for our family dinner party Friday night.  Unfortunately 8 hours in the crock pot was not long enough to cook them to the “fall apart” stage.  I think the “high” on that appliance has broken and we’re left with “low”.  Or else I was cooking a very old steer (it would take six more hours the next day to tenderize that meat).

Despite all that trouble, I was thrilled to have had enough energy to put something in a crock pot.  A good feeling!

Other than that I was pretty much useless.  Will wanted advice about redoing the living room, so on Monday–when it was a shocking 78 degrees (a cold wave!)–we drove to a couple of furniture stores to get ideas.  We even remembered to take along a tape measure, which definitely came in handy for eliminating possibilities.


You have to love the metal bats.

So I am back in Rhode Island with a very happy Banjo Man.  Tonight we will have a “Survivor” marathon to catch up on the new season.  The weather is cool, windy and rainy–the opposite of Texas–and it feels pretty darn good to wear a sweater.

I’d had my doubts about going to Texas.  I would have cancelled it if not for my excited grandson.  He loves the tradition of Early Birthday and we always have fun.  But both Will and I were nervous about how much energy it would take for me to make the trip this year.  I worried the lymphedema would rear its ugly head due to flying (it didn’t).  And I thought I’d be too tired to have fun (I wasn’t).  In fact, I think the new medication (Arimidex, to keep the cancer from returning) gives me a little extra zip.  I’ve had more energy since I started taking it and, believe me, I’m grateful for any little bit of energy that comes my way.

Maybe in a couple of days I’ll dust off one of the crock pots and make a soup.  Now that would be progress!






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