the mighty wind


We had a surprise storm Wednesday night that lasted through much of Thursday.  I woke up to hear the radio weatherman exclaim, “It should have had a name!”

Yes, the storm was worse than anyone thought it would be and had been big enough to be called Harold.  Thousands of people lost power (and many still don’t have it) all over our area, but so far I’m totally plugged in and operating fine.

I watched that huge limb fall onto the old basketball court yesterday.  I’d heard a strange sound and turned to the window in time to see it fall.  It looks like most of the tree is on the ground.  The picture doesn’t do it justice.

During lulls in the wind I ran outside and dragged other branches from the driveway.  They weren’t too big to move but no one would have wanted to drive over them.

Banjo Man is at the lake.  He is meeting with clients and helping brother George close things up for the winter.  He has defrosted meatballs and bags of frozen sliced peaches, so I like to think I’m there in spirit–or at least at the dining room table.

While he is partying 3000 miles away I am binge-watching “The Looming Tower” on Hulu when not decluttering my office (totally out of control) or throwing out clothes that remind me of last summer.

This weekend the Ninigret Quilters hold their biennial quilt show and I always go.  Two years ago I won a huge basket of fabric and goodies at the raffle, which was exciting (especially since I was at the ER with my mother all day and Banjo Man had to go pick up the basket for me).  I’m debating about going by myself this morning.  Driving is tiring, but I can come home and take a nap.  The show isn’t all that big and walking is good for me.  90% of Westerly, where the show is to be held, was out of power yesterday, but an announcement on their Facebook page declares that they are up and running this morning.

And speaking of wind, here is one of my favorite funny movies.  I just bought a new copy and because–thank God–Nebraska isn’t playing football tomorrow I might settle on the couch with some hand-stitching and enjoy a few giggles.

mighty wind




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