quilting turkeys and more

Did I go to the quilt show?  Yes!  I stayed less than hour (and took a three-hour nap when I got home) but I drove myself to Westerly on a cool, sunny day.  Power was out in two towns along the way, so the traffic lights weren’t working and many stores along the road were dark, including Wendy’s and the liquor store.  I saw a lot of trucks from National Grid, though.  They were clearly on the job.


I loved this.  It was so cleverly done.


Such a brilliant use of fabrics.

Here are more pictures:


Stunning.  I can’t imagine making this and I am in awe.


Check out all the little strings of fabric sewn together.


This reminded me of lakes and mountains.  I loved it.

The man with the gorgeous vintage sewing machines was there.  He’s always a hit with the quilters.


I bought raffle tickets and resisted buying fabric (which was surprisingly easy).  Then I was out of there, off to buy Band Aids and batteries at CVS before heading home for a three-hour nap.

One of these days I will have my stamina back.  I’ve been warned it can take 3-4 months after radiation ends to be back to normal.

So…I am happy to have a comfy couch and lazy afternoons.

Tomorrow morning I will head to the airport and retrieve Banjo Man, who is taking the red-eye tonight from Spokane.  Hurray!



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1 Response to quilting turkeys and more

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Thank you for sharing the photos, especially the turkeys. I wish I could have gone with you but GLAD YOU went.

    Love you kid.

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