sitting pretty


This was Banjo Man’s office chair.  So embarrassing.  (And yes, that is a Nebraska Cornhuskers Barbie doll in the corner–a gift from my son during his first year at the University).

We went to Staples Monday, as Banjo Man thought I needed a new and comfy desk chair to help with my aches and pains.  I absolutely did not want to commit to a new chair, but I saw my opportunity to replace his.  There was a sale.  His heart beat faster.  He sat in every single chair–twice–before settling on a gray leather beauty.

After grumbling about the high cost of pens and Post It notes, he had a good time joking around with the young man who assembled the chair and helped him load it into the car.


Who needs foam now?  No one!


He looks quite pleased, doesn’t he?





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