ghosts of halloween(s) past

First of all, let me shout out a “Happy Birthday” to my brother.  Yes, his birthday is on Halloween.   And yes, there was always a party before we went out trick-or-treating.


Six months old with his first Halloween ahead of him.

He looks very dapper in that hat!

Check out E.T.


1982. I made this incredibly intricate costume for my eldest son.

Last month I brought E.T. to Texas, just in case anyone there wanted it.  And because Banjo Man had declared he was not going to store it for another 30 years.  E.T. was so big he had his own suitcase.


I was so proud of this creation, but over the years Will figured he was being tortured.  Gee, I wonder why!  Do you think he’s scarred for life?


1987.  Will had graduated from ladybugs to ghouls.   And Nancy was some kind of pink fairy princess.


1982:  Miss Piggy.

And then there’s 1985:


I was a witch–my “go to” costume for decades–but I don’t know what Banjo Man was.  But his pants were pink-striped.

Don’t ask.

And here’s one more:

Hope halloween

1982, in Hope.  I still have the coffee table.  Notice that Will is holding on to his “tail” while Ben is choking him.

Happy Halloween, everyone.  I hope you enjoy the candy!





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2 Responses to ghosts of halloween(s) past

  1. Ruth says:

    What a great retrospective. So wonderful to see those old photos. I hope your kids treasure them. All my Mom’s photos went up in smoke in a fire! No humans or animals were hurt in the incident! Just kodachrome!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Oh, Ruth, that’s so sad! Jamestown must have been great fun when you were a kid at Halloween.

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