stand back

I found what I thought was the perfect mask when I watched this You Tube video:

At the 41 -second mark you will see how easy it is to put on.  There is a filter pocket, too.

I made six of them–which took all Friday morning and some of the afternoon–before realizing that the cording was necessary.  Those ties made from t-shirts didn’t allow the mask to slide easily.

I said a lot of bad words.

On Saturday I was up at 5 and searching the internet for 3/16″ clothesline.  And my local Home Depot had it in stock.  But how to get it?  Well, Home Depot has “pick up lockers”.  You buy your clothesline online, pay for it with a credit card and then you receive an email with a bar code and access numbers.  All you have to do is go to the store, find the lockers and scan the code.  You didn’t have to interact with any humans and risk certain death.

It sounded good to me.  I ordered a 100-foot roll.  That’s enough for twenty-four masks.  Banjo Man asked me to buy giant garbage bags, so I placed that order, too.

Saturday afternoon I drove twenty minutes south only to discover that the Home Depot parking lot was packed with cars and there was a line of at least fifteen masked people waiting their turn to get inside.  Lots of DIY going on in southern Rhode Island this weekend!

I turned the car around and went home.

Sunday afternoon (after the Walmart grocery pick-up) I tried again.  This time there was no line.  We put on our masks and gloves and trudged across the parking lot looking like we were about to perform surgery.  Just inside the door was a row of lockers and a scanning machine.  The directions were clear: scan your bar code for access to the locker.  I found the first email on my phone and scanned the code.

“STAND BACK”, came up on the screen.  We almost knocked ourselves over trying to get out of the way before one of the lockers exploded open in a violent fashion.  Nothing happened so we tried again.


We stood back, way back.  And then?  A little “pop” and a locker door opened three inches to reveal the two boxes of garbage bags.

I repeated the process for the clothesline cord.  Success!

It’s good to know that this shopping option exists, at least if you’re not buying tile or paint or lumber.

We’re in Week 5 now.  I’ll be checking the grocery stores to see when I can get a delivery next.  We’ll need milk and yogurt and eggs by the weekend.

Too bad Home Depot doesn’t sell food.




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