and here is summer



My friend Pat just sent me this.

I think it says it all.  We don’t watch television here, but I do keep up with the news online and I am waiting to read about something good.

It could be a long wait.

As I sit here in Lake Bubble Mode it is a relief to be distanced from all the bad news.  Escapism, maybe.  Healthier?  Definitely.

Will and I went to town yesterday because I had an eye appointment.  We drove through the recently reconfigured main street downtown.  The street is narrower, the sidewalks wider, the visibility is bad and finding a place to park will always be a challenge.  And there were people everywhere–so I guess the summer visitors have arrived despite the chilly weather.

Will wore his mask and explored the antique stores while I was having my eyes checked.  We ate lunch via the drive-up window at Serv-A-Burger.

Banjo Man got his fishing license and spent the evening on the dock with Will as they tried to catch something (they didn’t).  Will announced that he had worn wool socks on the last day of June.

He is not in Texas any more.

Monday night we finished burning the ugly driftwood.  I say “we” but I didn’t have anything to do with it except carrying the paper bags and matches down the hill.

IMG_4551 (1)

It ended up being a huge project, coals burning until bedtime.  But the beach is clean and ready for summer.

Banjo Man built a stone patio as a platform for a chair or two and an umbrella.  It is gorgeous.


Patio in progress.

All we need now is sunshine.  Come on, summer!  Let’s get this party started!



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