first snowstorm, hot soup and Hillbilly Elegy

A “nor’easter” hit last night.  We had plenty of warning, as the storm had trekked across the Midwest and the Mideast before hitting New England.

At midnight we had 3″ of snow.  This morning there is about 6″, but we’ve had sleet and rain and now it’s snowing again.  The predicted 50 mph winds are what bothers me.  Because, you  know, I love electricity.

The problems come when the temps drop later this morning and this stuff freezes.  Oh, the joy of winter!

Yesterday I made a massive amount of sausage-pasta-vegetable soup in the crock pot.   My goal was to use up as many half-empty bags of frozen vegetables as possible.  I found a frozen glob of red paste in a little plastic container in the freezer and assumed it was tomato paste, which would give the soup a nice color and flavor.

At dinner time I discovered the paste I’d used had been Thai red curry paste.

Let’s just say the soup  had a lot of flavor.  I added more chicken broth and then more chicken broth…

Banjo Man loved it.  I didn’t.  I’m going to make an old-fashioned chicken noodle soup today.

And now for a movie recommendation:

This is one of my favorite movies of 2020 and I’ve seen a LOT of movies this year.  Based on a memoir by J.D. Vance and produced by Ron Howard, this Netflix movie is a story about a family’s struggle to survive and a young man breaking the cycle of poverty and dealing with his mother’s addiction.  The acting is incredible.

Banjo Man told me the movie received tons of bad reviews.  I don’t get that.   Sure, it’s a grim subject but there was also a lot of love between the characters.  And that love was what held them all together, no matter what.

If you’ve loved the movie or hated it, I’d love to hear about it.

And now it’s time for more coffee…


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2 Responses to first snowstorm, hot soup and Hillbilly Elegy

  1. Phyllis says:

    So sorry about the nor-easter. We have been hearing about it all week. About Hillbilly Elegy. Ron thinks it is his autobiography. Same ancestry from the hills of Kentucky and same hometown (Middletown, OH). So many similarities. The critics hated it but the public loved it. So much for the critics. We will be watching too. Stay warm.

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