the truth hurts

Last year’s flag football picture.

The Funny Grandson is a rabid football fan.  His world centers around his flag football team and his afterschool hours at the Elite Training gym and his Sundays spent watching any and all NFL teams on tv.  He studies plays on You Tube and practices with his father in a nearby field.  He has collected hundreds of football cards.

Oh, does he love it!  He can quote all kinds of statistics and discuss strategy.  He can explain why a team won or lost.  He has many, many opinions about coaching.

Yesterday he proudly showed off his Patrick Mahones football jersey (“I know you won’t like this, Grandma!”) when he was Face-timing with me.  He proudly declared that the “Bucs” had no chance of winning the Super Bowl.

I vehemently disagreed.

“Have you ever seen Tom Brady give up?” I asked.  “It might be a close game and Patrick Mahones is really good, but you will never see Brady stop fighting.”

The FG mumbled something.  And then broke into a litany of reasons why Kansas City would triumph.

The trash talk ensued.  Escalated even.  We may have been shouting.

My final jab before turning the phone over to Banjo Man:  Patrick Mahones will be sobbing like a baby on the fifty-yard line because he couldn’t get any touchdowns! 

Now if you’re thinking I’m a Bad Grandma, let me assure you that the FG absolutely loves to trash talk.  We do it when we play UNO.  We do it when we play Mexican Train dominoes.  We are quite good at it.  And yesterday?  Well, the kid spouted all sorts of anti-Brady, pro-Mahones nonsense and loved doing so.

My daughter-in-law even texted me and thanked me for spending some time trash talking with the FG because it made him so happy.


This morning it is taking all the self-control I have not to send my grandson a Tampa Bay Super Bowl Champions t-shirt.

I wouldn’t even care how much it cost.  A few clicks of the mouse and the ultimate trash-talking revenge would be on its way to Texas.

Oh, the joy!

But since I don’t know how hard the FG took the Kansas City loss, I’ll be a Nice Grandma and stay away from Super Bowl apparel websites.  Instead I will now return to the kitchen to clean up after our Air Fryer Food Extravaganza yesterday.

We had egg rolls.  French fries.  Sweet potato fries.  Hot dogs, sauerkraut, potato chips, Doritos and guacamole.  I even found 1/2 a frozen brownie in the freezer to share during the third quarter.

Even yesterday’s snow storm (we got 8″) didn’t bother us.  We had our giant television, our couch, our air-fried food and…Tom Brady.



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