we are here at the lake for 2021

I’m so sorry for the delay in posting.  An issue with WordPress is now solved and I am back on track once again.

The trick now will be to access my photos from the phone and for some reason this has become impossible.  For now.  But getting better.  I may or may not have it under control.

Our trip from Boston was uneventful, but wearing a mask pretty much non-stop for 11 hours is not something I recommend.  Even Banjo Man was grumpy and had a headache after the seventh hour.  I’m usually the one who whines and bitches incessantly, but this time he joined me.

We arrived after 11 PM and spent the night in Spokane.  The next morning?  Groceries!

Stop #1.

Woods sausages at Stop #2.

And then, at last, the lake.

The water is down, but coming up a little bit more every day.

And a trip to the cabin.

And so it begins…and we are so happy to be here.


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3 Responses to we are here at the lake for 2021

  1. Ruth Gobeille says:

    Question: What time is it in Paradise?

    Answer: Who cares?!!!

  2. Tom F says:

    Oh Boy! The cabin looks great, although the lake looks like it is down a bit. Enjoy!

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