back to normal, kind of

A stack of new fabrics waiting their turn.

Now that the tree is off the roof and my house is safe and waterproofed, it is time to go back into the sewing room/office/music room and start a quilt.

We call this “stress sewing” in our house.  Much healthier than smoking, drinking and gambling.  And not as expensive…maybe.

An engineer came on Wednesday to decide what needs to be done.  His report will be submitted to the town for a building permit.  And then we’ll get a new roof.  Banjo Man thinks this will all happen before Thanksgiving, but I think he’s delusional.

Surely the interior work won’t begin until after Thanksgiving.   There will be eleven of us gathering AT LAST and don’t want the house torn up.

I think we’re getting a new front door.  And a lot of drywall patches.  And a new ceiling over the entry.

It can all wait until after November 26th, should anyone ask me.

Check out the “Caroline Herring” poster above my fabric stack.  Will heard her in Austin and grabbed a signed copy for me.  I’d never heard of her, but now I own several cd’s and absolutely love her voice.

Here’s one of my favorite songs.  Years ago I loved to play the fiddle part along with the wonderful fiddler on the cd.

Enjoy your day!

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3 Responses to back to normal, kind of

  1. Gary Matson says:

    Caroline Herring reminds me of the peace and purpose of rural life… maybe a bygone time for most of us…

  2. Marge Gridruch says:

    We will never know all of one another’s burdens. They are there.
    Love the photos accompanying this song.

  3. Marge Fridrich says:

    Well. I butchered my name. How about Marge Fridrich.

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