superbowl sunday 2022

Guess who we’re rooting for.

I will never be a cake decorator.  Obviously.  But the urge to make Cincinnati Bengals-themed cupcakes was something I Had To Do.

I don’t know why.  My sewing room/office smells like a dead mouse.  Maybe the fumes affected my brain.

I thought black and orange sprinkles would make cute toppings when I bought them at Michael’s last week.  In practice they look a bit messy, but let’s call them “artistic”, shall we?

It’s the thought that counts.

Banjo Man and I are also going to consume boneless pork ribs with an Asian honey ginger sauce, air-fried mozzarella sticks, sweet potato fries and coleslaw.

We’ll be eating leftovers for days, a good thing.

We are also rooting for the Funny Grandson’s college fund.  He and his father started collecting football cards during the Covid lockdown and are in the possession of a rare Joe Burrow’s card whose value will soar if the Bengals win the game today.

The family even has a special cheer whenever the Bengals score:


Feel free to shout it in your own living rooms.

Did I make too many?????

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1 Response to superbowl sunday 2022

  1. Tom F says:

    Enjoy the game!

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