happy food faces

March went by quickly and I couldn’t be happier about that.  March?  Not a fan.

But these pictures make me smile.

Son Ben came to visit for a week during his Spring Break.

Ben enjoying lunch at Paul’s Pasta in Groton, CT.

Nancy celebrated her birthday.  I made the cake!  Congratulate me, because this is not a skill that comes naturally.  There will be more about that in another blog when I will ask you about digital coupons.

And here’s Banjo Man at Andino’s in Providence.  He was in Hour #2 of wearing his new hearing aids.

We love the hearing aids.  Doesn’t he look pleased?

Here is our happy daughter at Paul’s Pasta.  She even bought a t-shirt.

And here’s a little reminder of the joy of eating out, compliments of Denny’s, where Ben, Nancy and I enjoyed brunch.

Also during Ben’s week here:

We watched a lot of NCAA basketball.  We cheered for Providence College (home team) and of course, GONZAGA!

Banjo Man and I were so happy for company.  We have watched a zillion hours of television during this long winter.  Daughter-in-law Amber sent us gourmet popcorn and our favorite little boxes of min-malted milk balls.

Sometimes that was dinner.

Before you freak out at that, sometimes we had bowls of frozen fruit.  And Honey Nut Cheerios.

Dinner is just a snack around here.

Except for last night, because I made meatballs.  There had been a sale on ground beef and I was inspired.

Speaking of meatballs…it’s time for lunch.



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4 Responses to happy food faces

  1. Ruth says:

    Wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing…it brightened my day!

  2. Gary says:

    These posts are really fun, Kristine. Thanks!

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