go van gogh

Last Wednesday Banjo Man, Nancy and I drove up to Providence to experience the “Van Gogh Immersion” experience.

Oh, my.

This was my bright idea so, with tickets purchased six weeks ago, we headed to the Big City without knowing what we were getting into.

I didn’t know what to expect.  None of us did.  The advertisement said that 300 works of Van Gogh would surround us, that we would be “drenched” in his art.

Banjo Man enjoying the introductory information.

Nancy is loving it!

Here’s a link:

Beyond Van Gogh

I am attempting to upload my video to Youtube.  Let’s see if this works:


We absolutely loved the show.  It lasts about 45 minutes, but you can stay as long as you want and watch it as many times as you want.

The portraits blinked their eyes.  The “starry, starry nights” stars twinkled.  Flowers bloomed, colors exploded.  Music flowed around us.

And then we headed to Andino’s to celebrate an early Father’s Day with an Italian lunch.

We know how to party.

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2 Responses to go van gogh

  1. Ellie says:

    We experienced the Van Gogh Immersion last Thanksgiving when we were all in California. It is hard to put into words the emotions it brought out in me. It was glorious in all ways! So happy you three were able to go. See you soon in Hope!

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