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getting ready on easter 2022

First of all, let me wish you a Happy Easter.  I hope there is chocolate.  Ham.  Beans.  Pie.  Jelly beans! And a lovely new pair of white ankle socks with lace around the cuff (if you were a child of … Continue reading

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fugitive on the loose

There’s nothing like a police chase to make for an interesting day. Banjo Man says that makes me sound crazy.  I’m sorry if it does, BUT I am tired of cleaning, of sewing, of cooking, of British history, of worrying … Continue reading

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hunting tapioca

Have you made tapioca pudding lately?  If so, where did you find the box of Kraft tapioca (aside from the back of a shelf in your kitchen)? Hint:  nowhere. Two weeks ago I desperately needed tapioca.  My friend Harley Chick … Continue reading

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if i had a dog

Yes, if I had a dog I would teach him to carry fabric on his head.  And then I would laugh and laugh and give him smelly bacon treats. And then I would cut up those fabrics and put them … Continue reading

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what’s streaming on the big tv

HBO Max:  Somebody Somewhere, described as a “dark comedy” about a woman in Kansas finding her voice and finding a community while dealing with grief. I am not making this sound like the wonderful show it is.  The characters are … Continue reading

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before, during and after

Here’s a picture of The Tree a few winters ago. Then there was this, as I’m sure you remember from my many posts whining about it: Two weeks ago, before the crew came to remove the branches, one by one.  … Continue reading

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seaside hotel

This series from Denmark was one of the best things that happened to us all winter. I kid you not. You can watch it with a Masterpiece/PBS subscription.  It’s worth paying for it for a month while you binge on … Continue reading

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the broken winter is almost over

Our old, tree-damaged front door has been removed and a new one has been installed. Two weeks ago a lot of men showed up to fix things.  I’m not sure why this particular day was selected by two different crews, … Continue reading

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fifty-nine days away

In 59 days, Banjo Man and I will be arriving in Spokane.  Last night I received an email from Southwest stating they have changed our flights.  No surprise there.  Southwest is very good at changing flights. I just hope they … Continue reading

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happy food faces

March went by quickly and I couldn’t be happier about that.  March?  Not a fan. But these pictures make me smile. Son Ben came to visit for a week during his Spring Break. Nancy celebrated her birthday.  I made the … Continue reading

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