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happy birthday to nancy!

Our sweet girl is 39 today. Imagine that! I have searched for a childhood photo of her, but I’m having trouble. Everything is still packed and I’m operating from one small corner of my office, which I am so happy … Continue reading

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a turtle or a cutting board?

Saturday I went off to buy another cabinet knob at Lowe’s and search the secondhand stores for a small bookcase for the living room. I also looked for interesting copper pieces to tone down my bright white kitchen and bring … Continue reading

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oh, happy monday!

I was all set to whine today. This blog post was going to describe my frustration at needing “one more day” of the work crew in order to finish the rooms upstairs so we could move our furniture and clothes … Continue reading

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go ahead, light up my life

I ordered the most beautiful, odd, gorgeous chandelier from last month. The whole lamp-ordering thing made me more than a little nervous. What if I ordered the wrong thing and had to live with it until I died? What … Continue reading

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life in the basement continues

Banjo Man and I realized this morning that we have been living in the basement for two weeks. It doesn’t feel that long. The fact is that the basement has the best shower and the biggest bed of any in … Continue reading

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See this? It won’t look like this by the end of the day, because the flooring guys just arrived! I had just about given up hope and was starting to get grumpy. And here they are. They are a grumpy … Continue reading

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a weekend, a wall and strawberries with the little ones

Because our replacement cabinets have yet to arrive, the remodel crew has gone elsewhere to work (as of last Thursday). So someone out there is having their remodel start earlier than they’d anticipated. I hope they celebrated their good fortune. … Continue reading

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what’s on tv

I can’t believe there’s a second season of TIN STAR, but we’re excited to start watching it. Season 1 was absolutely thrilling. Yes, it is a violent show. BUT the characters are great. While dealing with overwhelming grief, the women … Continue reading

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taking a stand

See this guy? He’s in Lowe’s and he’s holding his favorite tile for the back splash of our new kitchen. He is also holding my copper vase, the one I use to store my favorite kitchen utensils. I brought it … Continue reading

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size matters

Yes, indeed. When you expect 36″ high cabinets and the order was mistakenly sent (by the know-it-all kitchen designer from the local cabinet store) for 30″ cabinets, a wrench is thrown in the remodel schedule. They’d installed two cabinets before … Continue reading

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