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wake me when it’s over

Yesterday I had one of those procedures where you have to “prep” the day before (i.e. live in the bathroom).  Because of issues the last time I had this lovely thing done, it was decided that a stronger anesthesia would … Continue reading

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an escape from the present

Banjo Man and I are back in front of the television. That’s not exactly breaking news, but it’s how we are surviving 2020. And surviving 2020 is the name of the game. Here are some Amazon Prime shows you might … Continue reading

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democracy in the rain

I just returned from voting at my town hall. “Early voting” was a first for me, because I love the excitement of election day. Four years ago I was up before dawn, itching to get to the polling place and … Continue reading

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it’s pumpkin time in rhode island

I drove down to Home Goods on Saturday hoping to find a white twin-sized fleece blanket. Oddly there were very few blankets. But there was a pumpkin pillow! Banjo Man hauled my bins of velvet pumpkins and fall decorations up … Continue reading

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over and out

We’re packing. Time is running out and the pressure is on, but that’s okay.  It happens every time, so we’re cranky and stressed but keeping our eye on the prize:  summer at the lake. I haven’t blogged for a few … Continue reading

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playing games

The Funny Grandson and I enjoy a good game of UNO whenever we’re lucky enough to be together.  Complete with trash talk, victory laps and ice cream bars, it would never be described as a quiet activity. So during the … Continue reading

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what’s going on

And one last note:  the hair salons open today!  I have a much-needed appointment with Sue on Wednesday.  Oh joy!!! I think they should serve champagne. When do salons open in your state?  Have you had your hair done yet?   … Continue reading

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i love antibodies

I just got off the phone with my doctor, who had humored me last week by writing a lab slip so I could have the Covid 19 antibody test.  It was a long shot, I knew, but just in case … Continue reading

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scum of the earth

I hope Karma is a bitch, I really do. What has me so revved up?  Someone stole my mother’s Social Security number and used it on their own tax return.  They probably claimed her as a dependent and received a … Continue reading

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memorial day 2020

Have you heard of “Taps Across America”? At 3:00 this afternoon, wherever you are, musicians are asked to play TAPS and people are encouraged to open their windows or stand on their porches to hear the song and pay their … Continue reading

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