banjo man finds the blues

Up the street, just a few minutes walk away, is a bar called C-Boys.  It used to be a hole-in-the-wall punky loud bar (with rumors of a knife fight) until the Continental Club bought it and turned it into a high quality rhythm-and-blues bar.

Banjo Man decided to check it out for himself yesterday.

Paul Oscher, Muddy Waters’ harmonica player, did a show at 6 PM.

Paul Oscher and James Cotton, from

Paul Oscher and James Cotton, from

Banjo Man had a great time.  He came home beaming, a new cd in his hand and a big smile on his face.


We’re going back to C-Boys later this evening, hopefully before the rains come, but Paul Oscher is going to be performing at the Saxon.

Austin is expecting heavy rains and flash floods tonight, which will certainly be a problem for the dozens (hundreds?) of outdoor shows this evening.  We won’t be driving anywhere.

Yesterday I went nowhere.  Eight hours at the Saxon wrecked me, which I hate to admit.  And there was no music I just had to see yesterday.  My ears were tired, which I also hate to admit.

Banjo Man is playing his new blues cd right now.  Paul Oscher told him which cd to buy, which makes it even more special.

I had the blues so bad I almost lost my mind…..


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