signs of saturday at sxsw 2015

Saturday’s rain changed a lot of plans for a lot of people.  But those who live in Austin and those who visit tend to adapt quickly and remain cheerful.  I think it’s the music.  And maybe the large quantities of Lone Star beer.

2015-03-21 001

Kerbey Lane Cafe

Starting the day off with breakfast—with Banjo Man and Story Man.  I’m particularly fond of the pumpkin bread french toast platter.  Then we took Story Man to work.  He’s learning the ways of “the pit”, which is BBQ talk here in Texas.  The “pit” is where the magic happens.

Where Story Man works.

Where Story Man works.

We went to the Saxon again, this time to see Folk Uke (Willie Nelson and Arlo Guthrie’s daughters).  They’re hilarious.  We sat next to a woman who was in Rhode Island last week on business and who was impressed with the amount of snow and the size of the potholes.

Folk Uke

Folk Uke

Scenes from the van while Banjo Man put gas in the car.

2015-03-21 007

I like deep thoughts about pizza, don’t you?

2015-03-21 012 2015-03-21 010 2015-03-21 013Then it was on to the Strange Brew Coffee House.  We wanted to be inside out of the rain and thought we’d take a chance on a band we’d never heard before.

Here’s the guy (I think his name was Danny Hawkes, but I’m not sure–it was hard to hear) on the pedal steel.  He was rockin’ it.

2015-03-21 014I think the pedal steel has to be one of the most complicated instruments known to mankind.  I have yet to see a young guy playing one.   Except for Cindy Cashdollar, the musicians playing lap steels and pedal steels have all looked as if they just drove off the ranch and came to town to play for a while.

There was one odd moment in this particular show when the band (I think they were called The Peacemakers) played a song I hadn’t heard since the 1970’s.  Pat Ball used to sing it at the Playhouse Bar in Clark Fork.  “Come On Down, Sweet Virginia” was a real crowdpleaser there at Billy Derr’s.

Hearing it again gave me goosebumps.  Banjo Man and I both felt more than a little sad.

And then we came home, but only after a shopping trip to pick up groceries.  Banjo Man is making Sunday breakfast for the family in the morning and needed supplies.  Because after breakfast we’re heading back to Strange Brew for the Sinners Brunch and two more hours of music.

I’m sure we can sleep on the plane.



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1 Response to signs of saturday at sxsw 2015

  1. Ottis Winslow says:

    So glad the rain has not spoiled your fun. Enjoy.

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