when rain is a good time

Outside at Lucy's Fried Chicken.

Outside at Lucy’s Fried Chicken.

Yes, it did rain in Austin Friday afternoon.  The guy on the left is wearing a Nebraska Huskers poncho.  We were impressed.

2015-03-20 002

Kelly Willis played on Lucy’s small stage.  We found a seat at one of the picnic tables under a tarp.  After Kelly Chuck Prophet was next.  The crowd loved them both.  So did we, though the rain made it a little hard to hear.  Plus we were eating deep fried hard boiled eggs with orange dipping sauce.

Don’t ask me to explain.  I can’t.

Banjo Man and Son #1 think I'm being silly.  And they did not know they were staring at me in identical ways.

Banjo Man and Son #1 think I’m being silly. And they did not know they were staring at me in identical ways.

Is that Kelly Willis?

Is that Kelly Willis?

Yes, I think so.

Yes, I think so.

We had a great time, though it got a little wet at our picnic table.  We loved the music and the food and watching the people.  There was something cozy about our tarp.  After the music we stopped to pick up pizzas for the basketball games and went back home to dry out and watch tv for a while.  Story Man headed down to Auditorium Shores to catch the Ryan Bingham concert (which he said was great) when the rain died down.  The rest of us stayed on the couch with the food and the remote control.

Everyone is glad I bought a new tv.  We’re all mesmerized by its clear screen and vivid colors.  The days of the old box tv’s are officially over.

Go Gonzaga!!!



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2 Responses to when rain is a good time

  1. Sharon says:

    GLENBEN are twins separated by decades!

    March Madness a wonderful time for family and friends to enjoy Basketball and all the treats that come with it — beer, pizza, ribs, buffalo chick macaroni…..

  2. Ellie says:

    It looks like you are having way too much fun in Austin with your boys!!
    What a great picture of Glen and Ben, two peas in a pod!! LOL
    Music is the lifeline to everything!!🎤🎶🎹🎻🎵🎺🎼🎷🎧🎸

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