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Last Friday Son #1 went to the rodeo with his wife and son.  Son #1 is a solid, steady, sweet, funny, loving, dependable guy.  He loves his family, music, history, Nebraska football and…food.  He is tall and thin and has been known to consume vast quantities of BBQ, steak, shrimp and gumbo.

His appetite is legendary, his capacity for eating quite awesome.

2012-03-20 063

Healthy rodeo food.


So while he was at the rodeo he ate a corn dog, a giant chipped beef sandwich, ice cream and a funnel cake.

That was lunch.

This is a funnel cake.

This is a funnel cake.

Then  Son #1 drove down to Austin and joined us at Lucy’s Fried Chicken for music and a little afternoon snack of Fried Chicken Nachos, Deep Fried Hard-boiled Eggs with Dipping Sauce and a 16 oz. Lone Star beer.

2015-03-20 008

He looks okay here.

After about an hour and a half of music and eating, we stopped at Southside Pizza for a large pepperoni and a medium pepperoni with mushrooms and green peppers.

Son #2 had four huge pieces.

The next day  he didn’t feel very well.  Go figure.  And the day after that he was positively…sick.

He thinks it’s something he ate.

Or maybe everything he ate.

So Son #1, who has rarely met a vegetable he likes, is now eating oatmeal and fruit and salads.

He swears he has changed his ways.

We’ll see.

Lucy's Fried Chicken Hard boiled egg appetizer.

Lucy’s Fried Chicken Hard boiled egg appetizer.

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