inside the candy store

Banjo Man and I spent the day with our four-year old grandson last week, and the little guy was determined to show us the sights around town.  First he took me to his favorite “parks” (aka playgrounds).  I swung on the swings while he climbed and slid and stabbed imaginary bad guys with his foam sword.  We did this for two hours.  I loved it because there was no snow or ice on the ground and I was certainly safe from all of the bad guys.

Then Grandpa (aka Banjo Man) arrived and John took us to town to his favorite restaurant, a place that serves New Orleans food.  The little guy strutted out of there with a belly full of chicken tenders and Mardi Gras beads around his neck.

He definitely wanted me to see this:

2015-03-13 016Once inside I was overcome by the sight of the weirdest collection of soda bottles I’d ever seen.  While John shopped for gummy candy, I took pictures.

2015-03-13 001

I didn’t know Rhode Island had its own brand of soda. I thought we were famous for Dell’s Lemonade!

2015-03-13 003

Something for Dancing Mandolin Player.

2015-03-13 013

Do you drink it for breakfast????

2015-03-13 012

Do you take it to cookouts?

2015-03-13 011

Football game soda!!!!!

2015-03-13 007

Jackson Hole Cowboy Cream Soda. Now **that** looks drinkable. Except the cowboy himself looks a little odd.

2015-03-13 006

When you’re feeling hostile and just want to drink alone.

2015-03-13 005


2015-03-13 004

Hey, Idaho! Should we make Huckleberry soda next summer???

And then there were other strange things, like these.

2015-03-13 009After we bought gummies shaped like alligators and turtles and fish, we headed back to the house.  I hoped John would take a nap.  I even fixed the couch in what I hoped was an enticing display:

2015-03-13 019That didn’t work, so I took a nap myself.

And then Banjo Man took a nap.

And John and I sang songs and drummed for three hours.


2015-03-13 022My grandson is a huge Beatles fan.  He was very surprised that his grandmother knew all the words to the Beatles songs.  I think I went up a few points and he decided I was worthy to sing with him.

And sing we did.

I’m glad those years–and thousands of hours–with my record player finally paid off.

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2 Responses to inside the candy store

  1. Ellie says:

    Austin has it all !! The collection of soda bottles is astounding. LOL
    I am sure your Dad is looking down and feeling so happy that you are passing his passion to sing, down to your grandson, as he shared it with you and his grandkids! 😇

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