quick long weekend recap

Okay, on Saturday we hit the 12:35 show of this movie, which opened this weekend:

13 hoursI was on the edge of my seat the entire time.  Loved this movie.  It was not a politically-slanted movie (Obama and Hillary were never mentioned), but at the end of the movie Banjo Man and I were left with one overriding question:  why did no one come to help?  

I have my own opinions about that.

Moving on….

Banjo Man knows how much I love pizza, so he climbed down from his Healthy Eating High Horse and consented to pick up pizzas to take home and watch the Patriots game.

2016-01-16 002

Yummy, but not as good at the Garlic Rose pizza at Kingstown’s Pizza.

Sunday was yet another attempt to make an edible protein bar with no sugar and no flour.  I’m enjoying the process and Banjo Man is really enjoying the low-calorie, no-sugar, high-protein baked goods.

2016-01-06 002

When not baking,  I made lentil soup in the crock pot.  I washed fabric for future quilts.  And I sorted through my box of vintage hats.  I’d bought them for the velvet flowers and leaves and decorations.  Some I’d dismantled, but there were 11 left.  So I photographed them and will probably sell them in one big lot on Ebay.

I love this blue one:

2016-01-15 022

Of course I tried them all on first.  It was tempting to keep this one:

2016-01-15 018

For some weird reason it actually looked stylish on me, in a crazed-menopausal-woman-going-to-church-in-1958 kind of way.

No, no, no!  I am not keeping unnecessary vintage hats!

Even after watching Downton Abby last night.

Today we are heading north to see this movie:


She is not wearing a hat.

We’ve heard it’s wonderful.

It snowed last night, but only about 4″.  Annoying, but no big deal.  I keep hearing we’re in for a cold and windy week, with a snowstorm on Saturday.

I hope that’s not true.

Because next week we’re going to see this:


Cannot wait.

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2 Responses to quick long weekend recap

  1. Pat says:

    BROOKLYN was so good…loved the book.

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