on the hunt

I love Pinterest.  And I love pumpkins.  And I love decorating for fall.  And I love fabric.

This is a dangerous combo.



Velvet pumpkins from Love Feast Table.

I am absolutely dying to make these.  I don’t have velvet, but I do have some vintage barkcloth.  I have a long needle and plenty of stuffing.  I’ve read 5 tutorials.

But because I am not a gardener and I don’t grow pumpkins, I don’t have these:


So I’m begging all of my gardening friends to save their pumpkin and squash stems for me.  You can just toss them in a box and let them dry in a warm place for a week or two.  I’ll get them next summer (or pay for the shipping to RI)  and make you a pumpkin or two in exchange!!!!


Today, after Banjo Man returns from work, I’m going to head over to the local garden shop and see if they have any stems lying around/for sale/on top of mushy garbage pumpkins.  If I just had a stem or two in order to try the technique I would be happy.

Big or small, straight or twisted, anything goes!

I’ll let you know how it works out.  In the meantime, save those stems!





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2 Responses to on the hunt

  1. Karen says:

    As you know I also love pumpkin season; muffins, bread, decorations, colors and especially pumpkin spice coffee! I will buy some pumpkins now that I have an excuse for Hot Rod Lincoln!

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