last party of the year


Banjo Man and I were laughing at ourselves at the grocery store yesterday morning.  With our carts (to stay married, we each have our own shopping cart and go our separate ways in the store) piled high with snack food and ingredients for chili, we were ready for one more party.

Today Nebraska plays in its bowl game.  2:30 PM Central time.

And no, they are not expected to win.  Expectations are low (almost nonexistent) so the guys here will concentrate on eating chili and making optimistic predictions for next year’s season.

Tomorrow we head to the airport to fly home.  The weather is supposed to be clear and hopefully our flights will be on time.  Our daughter has made sure the playoff games will be recorded on the DVR so her father won’t miss any college football.  We should be home in front of the television for the second half of the second game.

Banjo Man made a vat of oven-roasted Chex Mix snack yesterday.  He thinks he discovered something new and is thrilled with himself.

Speaking of something new, here are flavors of soda I’d never seen before.  Pumpkin?  Peach?  Candy cane?

No, thanks.  I’ll leave all of that sugar on the store shelves and just take pictures.

We’re having hot cider instead.  It’s a bit chilly here today, which makes a nice change from the 80+ temps of this past week.  I had to dig out my summer clothes and sandals.  How weird is that?

It’s back to the cold tomorrow, though.  I have my red wool coat, scarf and gloves ready for winter again!

Happy New Year, everyone.  And GO BIG RED!


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3 Responses to last party of the year

  1. Sharon M Winn says:

    Happy New Year!
    Safe travel!

  2. Phyllis Nolan says:

    Chex mix snacks…yum. Happy New Year and safe travels.

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