the stitch lab

How cute is this?  The Stitch Lab is located on S. 1st Street in south Austin and is actually comprised of two houses.  They give lots of classes and seem like a really fun place to buy fabric and learn how to sew.  Children welcome!



Shelves made from wooden spools.

They had quite an array of joyful, modern fabrics and an impressive number of solids, too.  I’m thinking about making another art quilt, this time using a U.S. flag that was flown in the Pacific during WWII as my inspiration.  I enjoyed the beginning-to-end creation of the “Gingko Quilt” so much that I am gearing up to create another original.



The Gingko Quilt, November 2015

There is a lot to consider with the design, but finding the kind of fabric that will fray is going to be the most important thing.  Banjo Man gave me several yards of vintage silk for Christmas about 10 years ago.  I need to unpack it and see if it can be turned into a flag.  If so, I may try my hand at dying it in order to get just the right shades of red and blue.

In the meantime, I am working on Bonnie Hunter’s annual Mystery quilt.  I didn’t care for her colors this year–too many purples and greens, with a jolt of magenta–so I selected my own (dark woodsy browns, soft blues, yellows, rose and cinnamon).  They are waiting for me to turn them into blocks when I get home.


I didn’t buy anything at this pretty shop, but I did enjoy the beautiful weather!








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