our own crane


If you are six years old and your grandparents are having a new air conditioning unit installed and that involved hiring a crane then you put on your hard hat and your construction vest and you watch the show.


The crane operators were really nice guys and went out of their way to say hi to the rather short volunteer on the sidelines.  They even gave him stickers for his hard hat.

The Funny Grandson was uncharacteristically speechless.




This new unit cost as much as my last used car.

So it was an exciting morning, starting at 8 AM and ending at noon.  This is an old apartment complex that was converted to condos 9 years ago, which is when we bought ours.

We’ve been making a few other repairs ourselves, such as new blinds in the living room, courtesy of blinds.com, which I absolutely love to do business with.


And some new paint in the bathroom.  Will and I finally decided on a color last night after Banjo Man nagged us for three days.


We settled on a very pale shade of pewter.

The condo looks great, as Will always has new and interesting prints on the walls.


We’re heading to a day show at Opa’s Coffee and Wine Bar for the afternoon.  I’m not sure who we’re going to see, but we should probably celebrate having air-conditioning again!




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