merry christmas from Austin 2018

It took quite a few hours to get out of Baltimore, but it happened!  Here is the view from the window as we were about to land in Austin.  It was a welcome sight.


The airport baggage claim area was decorated beautifully.  A nice surprise!

IMG_2221IMG_2220Will picked us up, in the midst of a midnight airport traffic jam, and we headed to the Magnolia Cafe for a late night meal before falling into bed at 2 AM.

We are so glad to be here.

I have a giant pot roast cooking in the crock pot this morning, just in case anyone gets hungry later on.  We’ll be next door at C’Boys bar at 3:30 for some country music and Chicken Sh** Bingo.  Daughter Nancy is eying a piece of art in a store down the street.  I think she’ll be buying it today as her holiday souvenir.

And now it’s time to wrap presents!  I can’t believe Christmas is the day after tomorrow, can you?


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1 Response to merry christmas from Austin 2018

  1. Phyllis Nolan says:

    So glad you’re there. Hugs to everyone. Merry Christmas.

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