hurry up and wait

“Hurry up and wait” was the theme of our travel experience this Christmas.  From being delayed by a contractor’s visit and rushing to the airport last week only to find out the flight was delayed to yesterday’s issue with our cab not showing up to take us to the Austin airport and then, after son Will raced from work to pick us up at the condo, we arrived at the Southwest counter to discover our flight was delayed.  By almost two hours.

Hurrying off the plane in Baltimore we discovered we did not have to worry about racing to our flight to Providence, because it was delayed two hours, until 1 AM.

Oh, my.

We were relieved that we would be heading home eventually and not spending the night in a hotel by the airport.

The only place serving food was McDonalds.  And after a long day in an airport stuffed with storm-delayed, hungry travelers, McD’s was down to a midnight menu of three kinds of sandwiches, with fries.

Honestly?  We didn’t care.  We ate what we were given and were grateful to have it.

Arriving in Providence at 2:30 or so, we discovered it was only 51 degrees out.  So much better than our previous arrivals of 8 degrees and wind chill.  The parking lot shuttle arrived, the car started right up and we were home by 4 AM.

Bed never felt so good.

I slept until 12:30 and, though I fully intend to shower and dress, I still haven’t managed to accomplish that.  It’s almost 4 PM now and I’m tempted not to bother.  But don’t tell anybody.

This has nothing to do with our flights home, but here’s a photo our waitress took of us at the Saxon Pub Wednesday night.  We bought tickets to hear Johnny Nicholas and it was a great show.  Pay no attention to those empty margarita glasses.


Oh, I can’t forget to show you what I saw at the airport in Baltimore.  Terminal C is fairly new and while we were sitting waiting for a yet another delayed (what else?) flight on the 20th, we noticed this.


Doggie bathroom.

I had to peek inside.


And that was our laugh in Baltimore.  You see all sorts of things when you spend three or four hours in one airport!

So I am presently defrosting a chicken pot pie (I tried a new recipe which should be interesting) for dinner while Banjo Man has gone to the grocery store for milk and vegetables.  We intend to spend the rest of this long holiday weekend on the couch watching football.

What are you doing?





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2 Responses to hurry up and wait

  1. Marge Fridrich says:

    Glad you are home. I was surprised when I saw a doggie B in Phoenix a few months ago. Better than the alternative. Happy NewYear.

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