starting 2021 the right way…in texas

December 26th I packed my suitcase and headed to Texas for some much-needed time with my boys, grandson and daughter-in-law.

Was I nervous about traveling during Covid?  Honestly, not at all.  

In case you think I’m a bit nuts and/or delusional, let me explain that I have had Covid and I am not afraid of it (for myself).

But I have had cancer and I’m terrified of it.   I just can’t be afraid of everything any more–it’s way too stressful–so I choose not to be.

When I arrived I hung my winter coat in the closet for the rest of the week and I put my traveling clothes in a plastic bag for the laundry.  I didn’t hug Will until I’d changed into a clean clothes, just in case any germs had clung to the fabric.

And then it was time to party.  And we had so much fun!  We played UNO and Clue and Monopoly and Sequence.  We watched Star Wars shows (I learned about Mandelorian) and Wonder Woman 1984 (pretty terrible movie) and lots of football.

We ate lasagna and cinnamon rolls (fresh from my suitcase) and hamburgers and pizza and carne asada.   We celebrated New Year’s Eve with sparkling cider and noisemakers.

It was such a fun week.  

Texas party animals!

Tomorrow I’ll add more pictures, but right now WordPress is being difficult so I have to end this post.

Stay well.

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2 Responses to starting 2021 the right way…in texas

  1. Tom F says:

    Enjoy your visit !

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