nine more days

February is almost over.

Let’s party!

We’re having another little storm today, but the weather in Austin is improving.  Will has his power back.  Ben’s has stayed on.  Water issues continue, but my Texans are warm at last.  Tomorrow the ice will start to melt and temps will stay above freezing.

I’ve been stress-cleaning all week (Banjo Man is happily looking forward to taking it all to the dump tomorrow), but yesterday afternoon when Will texted to say the power was back on after 80+ hours I celebrated by baking.

And now…what do I do with five dozen oatmeal raisin cookies?

Let’s talk about pumpkins:

These are now four months old.  They are in perfect condition and remain cheerfully orange on top of the little liquor cupboard.

Eternal pumpkins.  Who knew?



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