odds and ends at the end of august

Excuse me while I put my feet up.

August has been BUSY.  Where did the month go?  I don’t know!  It started with another heat wave, smoke from western fires and worry over our own local fire.  We prayed for rain and didn’t get it until about 9 days ago.

Brother George was here for several weeks and a good time was had by all.

Progress on the outhouse.

Progress on the cabin.

Progress in the garden.

There was a trip to town to the Peach Man with Dancing Mandolin Player.  Breakfast at McDonald’s.   And a visit to the fair to see if DMP won a ribbon for her floral arrangement.  And…she did!

We are still waiting for days of rain.  Fire danger has gone from “Extreme” to “High”.  Temps are in the 70’s, so summer is officially over.  It was 48 this morning at 6:30.  

Oh, and I made applesauce!  I ended up buying a new old “appliance”, which brought back memories of making apple butter with my mother-in-law.  Check it out.

I had borrowed My French Friend Janou’s fancy food strainer complete with sixteen moving parts that were difficult–if not impossible–to assemble.  Clearly my brain and my patience could only operate the above three-piece apparatus.

Have you ever heard of a store called North Forty?  It has everything an Idaho woman needs, including pretty-colored buckets, rubber boots and canning supplies.  

Take a tour:  

I’ll probably be there again next week.




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4 Responses to odds and ends at the end of august

  1. Tom F says:

    I can’t wait to try out the new outhouse!

  2. Ruth says:

    Goodness, I must visit North Forty!!!!

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