when in austin, eat beef

After our tour of the Wildflower Center, we zipped across town to Waterloo Records to pick up a few must-have cd’s.

emmy album black beauty cd still the king 2 marcia ball cd 2

Then we were off to Black’s, where Story Man works “the pit” cooking briskets and ribs and various other Texas delicacies.

2015-05-19 141 2015-05-19 138 2015-05-19 136Before:

2015-05-19 144And after:

2015-05-19 146The shirt we want for Christmas:

2015-05-19 142




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1 Response to when in austin, eat beef

  1. Sharon says:

    Story Man makes a great looking meal!
    I can see from the plates that it was delicious.

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