waking up in rhode island

It has taken over a week to get my energy back after a busy (and fabulous) summer, an over-long road trip, a heartwarming family reunion and nine days of Austin condo remodeling.

And then there’s my Purple Bed, which has been so comfortable each night that I can hardly get out of it in the morning.  I’ve been sleeping late and then staggering around wondering where I stored my wool socks.

This weekend I’ll start socializing again, seeing friends and saying “Hello, I’m back!” in person instead of texting and emailing.  Next week I plan to head back to water aerobics at the YMCA.

So, what else happened in Texas?  The highly anticipated annual tradition called “Early Birthday”, when Party Grandma shows up a week or two before October 29 and puts on a birthday party for the Funny Grandson.

You remember him, don’t you?

Yes,  he is a Dallas Cowboys fan.  Will and I bought a ton of decorations at Party City.  The FG had a flag football game Friday  night and caught the touchdown pass in a tie game.  In overtime.  Oh, the cheers of the crowd!

Friday Night Lights in Texas is no joke, people.

Will and I made about 177 trips to the flooring store and to the new tile showroom to pick out samples and/or return samples.  Okay, it wasn’t 177 but it felt like it.  Melissa and Katie at the showroom became our new best friends.  And we may have spent 177 hours discussing which tile to have installed in the condo to last until the world comes to an end.

No pressure.

The finalists:

Will said no to anything beige (which was fine with me).  The dark blue looked too much like gray (I don’t like gray).  I liked the terracotta red but Will said it was too flat.   We picked the soft, milky brown–or at least I did, as Will muttered something about being “over it” and wanted to get on with his life.

Shopping for a new couch was actually much easier than we had anticipated.  If you have been reading this blog for a long time you probably remember my mind-numbing experiences in furniture stores.

You can read about the last couch I bought here:

insomnia and sofas

Which meant our morning at Ashley’s was Will’s show all the way.

He picked this one.

I don’t like the pillows, but I will cover them.   Eventually.  It’s very, very comfy.

We risked our lives on three different highways to find a kitchen cabinet store that could match my existing cabinets.  Want to see what I’m up against?

Big changes are a-comin’.

The cabinet company never answered our calls or emails or sent out a designer as promised, so we are on to Plan B.  And I would certainly tell you all about it if I knew what Plan B was.

Will rented a storage unit.  We cleaned out part of the closet.  We went to the laundromat to find a big machine in which to wash his quilts.  We took a walk down South Congress to see all of the new, trendy stores and shared a $4.00 doughnut at a fancy little place called “The Salty”.


I cooked a pot roast and taught Will how to make bacon-potato soup, which makes a great base for chilies and chicken and cheese (in other words, whatever you have in the fridge).

We were so busy we never went out to hear any live music.

And now, back home in  Rhode Island, I have been a slug.  Yesterday was a wild “Nor-easter” that knocked out power and downed trees all over the state.  Daughter Nancy is still without power, so I expect her to show up here for a shower and hot coffee before she goes to work this afternoon.

One of our big trees lost two branches, but they’re not in our way as they hang lifelessly to the ground.

We lucked out.

So today there is laundry, one last trip downstairs to finish unpacking the last suitcase, a few minutes on the treadmill and–fingers crossed–pumpkin muffins to bake.  I am determined to be energetic!

I just need another cup of coffee…..


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2 Responses to waking up in rhode island

  1. Ruth says:

    Love you my friend. So glad you are home.

  2. Marge Fridrich says:

    A woman’s work is never, I say never never never done. Tile and couch look great.
    💕🌸 Marge

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