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summer of the waffle cone

This has become our go-to evening snack while playing Mexican Train dominoes and/or poker. Yes, poker. We have chips. We have cards. We have a total inability to keep a straight face. Lest you think we are not eating healthy … Continue reading

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it’s back!

My computer has been in the repair shop, but it now home once again. Its slowness and freezing up have been issues since I arrived here at the lake. It’s my “summer laptop” and I like not having to cart … Continue reading

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breakfast at the cabin

Banjo Man declared they were the best pancakes of his life. Here’s his kitchen: Are we all filled with envy? I personally covet the beach-towel counter top.

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When the Funny Grandson arrives at the lake there are certain traditions that are upheld no matter what the weather. First of all, he scrambles into his bathing suit, runs down the hill to the dock and jumps in the … Continue reading

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go van gogh

Last Wednesday Banjo Man, Nancy and I drove up to Providence to experience the “Van Gogh Immersion” experience. Oh, my. This was my bright idea so, with tickets purchased six weeks ago, we headed to the Big City without knowing … Continue reading

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paranoia or a good idea?

Sometimes it’s hard to tell. Yesterday morning I drove the rust bucket twenty minutes south of here to Walmart.  FYI I’m in denial over the rust and plan to carefully drive the car through next Tuesday, when the inspection sticker … Continue reading

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hunting tapioca

Have you made tapioca pudding lately?  If so, where did you find the box of Kraft tapioca (aside from the back of a shelf in your kitchen)? Hint:  nowhere. Two weeks ago I desperately needed tapioca.  My friend Harley Chick … Continue reading

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happy food faces

March went by quickly and I couldn’t be happier about that.  March?  Not a fan. But these pictures make me smile. Son Ben came to visit for a week during his Spring Break. Nancy celebrated her birthday.  I made the … Continue reading

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bread bags and skinny chickens

As we all know, the cost of living has gone up.  Way up.  Grocery shopping is a grim chore, even though we no longer have to wear a mask.  People are experiencing “price shock” in every aisle. Gas is almost … Continue reading

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new kid in the kitchen

This is my new Elite Cuisine Model 4829 toaster.  And yes, this sucker is very long.  It’s designed to toast those long slices of sourdough bread of which Banjo Man is so fond. Two weeks ago our toaster died and … Continue reading

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