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the big gig

Last Sunday afternoon the Hope Mountain Blues made their debut at the Green Door coffee shop in Garfield Bay. We’d practiced for countless hours. We prayed we’d remember the words to fourteen songs, the chords, the notes, the solo breaks, … Continue reading

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no name band name

Busy Tuesday up on the hill at band practice: Must get the sound right. Who knew five people would have so many cords? We named the band!!!!! And ate doughnuts. It was a PARTY!!!!! Meanwhile, back at the lake…

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the sound of music

Recently purchased in a consignment store: This stack of accordion sheet music will be heading west in June.

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annual oyster party, part 1

setting the stage elk kabobsfood and conversation

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music and moose

Moose burgers, that is.  A guest chef arrived during band practice to grill his special moose burgers for us. They were really, really good. And I stupidly left my camera back at the house. There was a chocolate-frosted guitar cake … Continue reading

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spring fling gig

Beautiful day.  Perfect view.  And pretty damn good music, too!

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practice makes perfect, yeah, it does

Retired Mountain Lady, our fearless leader, is multi-tasking here. She can play the guitar and the keyboard at the same time!! Now all she needs is one of those foot drums. We’ve been practicing.  A lot.  Once a week we … Continue reading

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the beat goes on

Sunday night band practice has become an important—very, very important—part of the weekly routine here in the mountains. Banjo Man and I had heard about Sunday night band practices.  So twenty-one hours after we landed in Spokane, we (including Steel Guitar … Continue reading

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why i bought this vintage planter

Hint: I knew it was perfect for a certain member of the band.

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in texas: flirting with a new love

Did that heading grab your attention??? Very Cosmopolitan-magazine-cover, isn’t it? There are musical instrument stores in Austin.  Yes, I know, that’s unbelievable, but there are.  And I have been to several of them. At first I looked at mandolins, because … Continue reading

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